How Often Should I Go To the Dentist?

It is common knowledge that visiting the dentist regularly is beneficial to the health of your mouth. But knowing how often to book can be confusing. Some dentists recommend visiting every six months, whereas others recommend every twelve. In reality there is no one size fits all approach to dental health. While some people can go months without a checkup, others require visits every six months or less.

Why is making regular appointments important?

Booking in regular dental check-ups not only helps to maintain your dental hygiene but allows your dentist to become aware of developing problems. During your appointment, your dentist will not only clean your teeth but check for any potential issues.

The cleaning that is performed during your appointment allows your dentist to remove any plaque that has built up on your teeth. Plaque is a sticky film that is made up of a mixture of food, saliva, and bacteria. Regular brushing can help remove some plaque, but often it builds up on your teeth. The issue with this is that bacteria in plaque can lead to cavities and gingivitis.

Visiting the dentist regularly means that there is also a higher chance your dentist will pick up on other oral health issues before they become painful and costly. Tooth decay and oral cancer can both be identified by your dentist at an earlier stage during your check-up appointment. If any issues are found then a follow up appointment may be booked to address these.

Who should go to the dentist more often?

To prevent oral health issues, it is advised that most adults visit the dentist at least once a year, but six monthly is preferable. However, there are some people who will require more regular appointments. Those with braces or dentures, chronic health issues, or who are using specific medications are at a higher risk of developing dental issues. This schedule also applies to children. Booking your children in for regular dental check-ups also has the added advantage of potentially reducing anxiety around visiting the dentist.

By maintaining a regular dental schedule, you can not only potentially save a lot of money, but also avoid unnecessary pain. If you are confused about when you should book your next appointment, then get in touch with us today. 

If you would like to book a check up then get in touch with the friendly team at Camira Dental today.  

February 4, 2021

How Often Should I Go To the Dentist?

How Often Should I Go To the Dentist?It is common knowledge that visiting the dentist regularly is beneficial to the health of your mouth. But knowing […]
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