Welcome to Camira Dental

Family owned practice since 1992

We are a family owned practice that was established in 1992 by Bryan Dowse in partnership with his wife, Roslyn.

Camira was selected as a prime location as Bryan is an Ipswich local, he is familiar with the area and saw a need to establish a practice in Camira which at the time had no dentist.


Practice Philosophy

Our aim is to provide dental services to every patient as if they were a family member.  With advances in modern anaesthetics, we are using techniques when giving injections to reduce and in almost all cases, eliminate any pain.

We find this helps patients to trust us and reduces the patients’ stress and anxiety when visiting the dentist. We exercise great care, have high standards of workmanship and infection control and only use local Australian Laboratories for any Prosthetic Work e.g. Crowns, Bridges, Implants and Dentures.

Personalised Service

While we continue to provide dental care to all our current clientele, NEW PATIENTS ARE ALSO WELCOME

We aim to cater for each patients’ individual needs, taking into consideration not only their dental health, but also other circumstances that may impact upon it.

Your Dentist will discuss the cost of different treatment options and what the procedures will entail. We will not try to simply sell you the most complex and expensive treatment, but that which most suits your needs.

Preferred Providers

Preferred providers

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