Mouthguards and Occlusal Splints 

Mouthguards and occlusal splints are used to protect your teeth from damage. At Camira Dental, we have been offering custom-fit, quality mouth guards and occlusal splints to the local community since 1992. To book an appointment at our clinic, located between Ipswich and Brisbane, contact our friendly team today.

Mouth Guards

Mouthguards are devices used to prevent injuries caused by falls and blows. They cover both teeth and gums to absorb shock, most commonly during contact sport.

Custom-made mouthguards ensure a comfortable and snug fit, improving protection. We highly recommend a custom-fit mouthguard to ensure your teeth have the protection they deserve.

At Camira Dental we make our own mouthguards by vacuum fitting from an impression of your teeth. Our mouthguards come in a variety of colours, are reasonably priced and can be made in 1-2 days. For patients on our recall scheme, mouthguards are bulk-billed to their health fund.

If you’d like to find out more about custom-made mouthguards, call our team to book an appointment with one of our experienced dentists.

Occlusal Splints

Occlusal splints, also known as night guards, dental splints or bite guards, protect your teeth while you sleep. They’re plastic devices that are custom-fitted to go over your teeth.

Occlusal splints are often used as a solution to a sleep disorder called bruxism. This disorder causes people to grind and/or clench their teeth while sleeping. Left untreated, it could ruin your teeth. Occlusal splints stop the upper and lower teeth from touching, preventing damage.

Additionally, occlusal splints can help create an even bite, prevent tooth wear and reduce the pressure on your jaw joint and ligaments. They’re also a common treatment for the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder.

If you’re experiencing pain or tension in the morning from teeth grinding overnight, contact our team to set up a consultation.

What to expect on your visit

If you suspect you might need to visit the dentist, whether for a regular check-up or a specific problem, the first step is to give us a call. Our friendly dental assistants can help you with most inquiries, booking you in for a further consultation or treatment.

When you come in, your dentist will have a discussion with you about your needs and propose treatment. At Camira Dental, we take pride in telling the truth about patient needs, never engaging in up-selling.

You’ll get an upfront quote on the full cost of treatment before starting. If needed, it’s possible to prioritise treatment to spread out the cost. We won’t start any treatment without your verbal consent to proceed with the plan.

We use innovative pain-free techniques, providing gentle care. If you have sensitive teeth or a fear of the dentist, don’t hesitate to let our team know. We’ll do our best to make you feel comfortable during your visit.

Join our regular dental check-up scheme

At Camira Dental, we generally recommend booking in for a dental scale and clean every six months. However, this will differ based on your situation, such as how prone you might be to tooth decay or gum disease. That’s why we encourage everyone to join our regular dental check-up scheme as a way forward to good dental and general health. This way, we can monitor and maintain your oral health over time.

Please note that when you sign up the regular check-up scheme, appointments are bulk billed to your health fund (conditions apply).