Bryan DowseBryan Dowse

Bryan attended Ipswich Grammar School then graduated in Dentistry from the University of Queensland in 1981.

He is also a member of the Australian Dental Association. Bryan worked in a private practice in Charleville in Western Queensland before moving to the United Kingdom to broaden his experience. On his return to Ipswich, Bryan worked at the Ipswich Hospital for five years which helped him gain further experience in the public sector.

With this knowledge behind him Camira Dental was established. Bryan has vast experience in most aspects of general dentistry with particular emphasis on oral surgery, root canal treatments and dentures. Bryan has been a past president of the Ipswich Branch of the Australian Dental Association and the Fauchard Dental Study Club. He regularly attends post-graduate courses particularly courses offered in the greater Brisbane area as this allows him to spend more time at his practice and still expand his knowledge.

Bryan’s particular interest in dentistry for all of his practicing life has been delivering pain free dental care to all of his patients.  It is almost impossible to deliver every aspect of dentistry totally pain free but Bryan has developed techniques (some of which are original to the practice) which greatly minimise the discomfort of treatment particularly in the area of pain free injections (Yes it is possible to achieve). This not only reduces stress on the patient but on the dentist as well.

As the Principal Dentist at Camira Dental since its inception in 1992, Bryan has mentored both Dental Assistants and Dentists in their careers and is proud of the fact that people who have worked here are sought after in the industry.

Bryan has also volunteered his time to work as a dentist in a remote aboriginal clinic. Bryan plans to head back to continue his volunteer work in the future. He has also volunteered his practice in the past to work with different charities to provide dental care to those who wouldn’t have the opportunity to do so. He finds this type of work very rewarding and a way of giving back to the community.

Bryan’s personal life revolves around his wife Ros and their three daughters. Bryan is a self-confessed exercise junkie both as a regular long distance runner (having completed one marathon in 2016) and recreational cyclist. Apart from work, family and training, Bryan has little time to pursue any other interests.